AnVir Task Manager Free 6.3.2

Task Manager Free is freeware utility software that gives users a comprehensive set of tools to put them in full control of their computer.
It gives you detailed information about every process that is running, and about applications running automatically on Windows startup including all hidden applications.
You may freely redistribute anvir.exe file as portable app.
In order to store program settings, place empty anvir.ini in the folder with anvir.exe.
What's New:
Fixed bugs:
· Controls didn't work in Windows Media Player in aero mode with enabled title buttons.

Download: AnVir Task Manager Pro 6.3.2 (6.4 MB) | AnVir Task Manager Free 6.3.2 (4.4 MB) | Portable AnVir Task Manager Free 6.3.2 (1.8 MB) | Screenshot | Homepage

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