Avast! Pro Antivirus 6.0.1091

avast! antivirus Home Edition represents the best antivirus protection available and is available free of charge for non-commercial, home use.
It is designed to protect your valuable data and programs, as well as keep itself up-to-date. It also comes with the kind of built-in features that many vendors charge for additionally, or don't include at all such as anti-spyware, anti-rootkit and strong self-protection. Simply install and forget.


- Anti-spyware built-in Web Shield
- Anti-rootkit built-in Automatic updates
- Strong self-protection Virus Chest
- Antivirus kernel System integration
- Simple User Interface Integrated Virus Cleaner
- Resident protection Support for 64-bit Windows
- P2P and IM Shields Internationalization
- Network Shield
What's New:
· improved interaction with Windows System Restore; namely, avast now auto-repairs itself when it detects a corrupted VPS due to a System Restore (or other reasons)
· aswSP.sys: solved a minor stability issue
· solved a problem related to inserting of the license files
· added the activation codes feature
· improvements in the avast! sandbox
· solved a problem when avast was continuously slowing down (especially in conjunction with the screensaver)
· performance improvements in the Behavior Shield
· avast Screen saver now accessible even in 64-bit Windows Vista
· stability improvement in aswTdi.sys (solved a compatibility problem with AVG)
· IS firewall: solved a potential BSOD condition
· various improvements in the avast! sandbox module
· minor fixes in the GUI
· added Catalan and Belarusian language packs

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