Codec 8.4a

Codec has the most powerful, user-friendly and fully customizable installer to keep your Windows in great condition. Forget about unnecessary files and bad registry entries from other codecs!
· DivX Pro™
· XviD
· Ligos Indeo
· Cinepak Codec by Radius Inc.
· AC3Filter
· Fraunhoffer IIS Mpeg Layer-3 DirectShow Decoder
· Fraunhoffer IIS Mpeg Layer-3 ACM Codec
· Ogg Vorbis
· Ogg Vorbis DirectShow Filter
· Ogg Vorbis DirectShow Filter Decoder
· Ogg Vorbis Audio ACM Codec
· DivX AntiFreeze

What's New:
· CoreAVC Video Codec 2.0
· XviD 1.3.1 (17.04.2011)
· AC3Filter 1.63b
· DivX Codec

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