NextPVR (formerly GB-PVR) 2.0.3

GB-PVR is a fully featured home media center application, allowing you to easily use a remote to watch tv, schedule recordings, watch videos, watch DVDs, listen to music, view photos etc.
· Easy to understand and control user interface
· TV Guide for easy scheduling of recordings
· Support for season recordings, including
· Support for automatically converting recordings to dvix/xvid/wmv/ipod etc
· Support for manual recordings on a specified channel at a specified time
· No-delay live preview tv, with the fastest possible channel change time
· Timeshift television allowing for pausing live tv etc.
· Multidec support enabling the use of a wide range of softcams and other DVB plugins.
· Teletext
· DVB Subtitles
· Stable operation with Recording Service running independently to ensure recordings always happen
· Online searching and viewing of YouTube
· Easy access to your music, videos and photos
· Net radio
· FM radio
· Support for HDTV
· Multi-lingual support, with language packs available for many languages.
· Playback of all popular video formats, MPEG, AVI, divx, xvid, TS, etc.
· Extensible playback mechanism allowing additional file types to be added with correct codecs install
· Automatic aspect ratio control
· DVD playback from either DVD drive or hard disk.
· Supports VMR9/VMR7/Overlay video renderers
· VMR9 Fullscreen Exclusive mode for the best possible picture
· Music visualisations.
· Supports a wide range of analog and digital cards
· Supports all prevalent digital standards, incl DVB-S, DVB-T, DVB-C and ATSC.
· Support for mixed combinations of different types of capture device
· Support for different channel lineups on each capture device if required
· No GB-PVR limit on number of capture devices
· Built in support for USB-UIRT, Hauppauge, Actisys IR200L and MCE IRBlasters.
· Native support for Hauppauge and MCE remotes.
· Native support for any remote via USB-UIRT.
· Plugin support for a wide variety of other hardware, from remotes to LCD readouts to different types of recording devices.
· One of very few apps capable of full using PVR350's tv out or XCard, though no longer offically supported.
Client/Server or Media Extender support
· PC client support
· Hauppauge MVP client support
What's New:
· fixed an issue with VMR9/VMR7 aspect ratio
· fixed a couple of PC client issues (rough channel changes in live tv, sometimes hanging when stopping).
· fixed a bug that could cause high network utilisation when streaming to client PC.
· fixed issue with 'HDPVR IR Blaster' option.
· fixed a QAM scanning issue.
· added 'VMR9 Custom' renderer option.

Download: NextPVR (formerly GB-PVR) 2.0.3 (19.8 MB) | Screenshot | Homepage

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