Process Lasso 4.09.51 Beta

Process Lasso improves system performance, responsivenss, and stability in high load situations. It watches for processes consuming too much of the CPU and automatically restrains them to improve system responsiveness.
It can also automatically terminate undesired processes, apply default priorities to an application each time it is run, or log all processes launched. It is not a task manager replacement, but does have task manager like capabilties only as a compliment to its core functions.

· Prevent out-of-control processes from bringing your system to a halt
· Dynamic priority optimization to improve system responsiveness
· Default process priorities and affinities
(i.e. set wmplayer.exe to always run at Above Normal priority on CPU 1)
· Foreground boosting
· Auto-termination
· Process launch logging
· Stand-alone core engine
· System responsiveness calculation and graph

What's New:
· Addition.Core: Added feature to disable ProBalance after system has been idle X time (immediately re-enabling when user activity begins again)
· Addition.GUI: Added ProBalanace options to turn off ProBalance if system is idle for X time
· Addition.CPUEater: Added new affinity selection, to test CPU Eater or specific CPUs
· Addition.CPUEater: Added new total threads selection
· Change.CPUEater: Re-arranged dialog
· Change.CPUEater: Allow specification of maximum threads and CPU affinity
· Change.CPUEater: Tweaks to default aggressiveness (was unnecessarily aggressive on single CPU systems)
· Addition.GUI: Added an exception handler to allow users the option to continue or restart Process Lasso after an exception (in some locations)
· Change.GUI: Remove UAC shield from 'manage processes of all users', as it hid check state
· Change.GUI: Removed PL logo from ProBalance settings to make room for new options
· Change.All: Experimental compiler configuration changes

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