Sweet Home 3D 3.2

Sweet Home 3D is a free interior design application that helps you place your furniture on a house 2D plan, with a 3D preview.
 System Requirements:
· Java Runtime Environment
What's New:
· Improved support for textured transparent models and transparency management in images computed with SunFlow.
· Changed how GMT time zones are displayed to avoid confusion.
· Improved 12/24 hour notation for English speaking users according to user country.
· Fixed a bug that computed wrongly the shape of some parallel joined walls.
· Fixed a bug in 3D viewer applet that prevented it to run.
· Added com.eteks.sweethome3d.no3D system property to disable 3D capabilities of Sweet Home 3D if needed.
· Updated Spanish, Portuguese Brazilian and Swedish help files.
· Replaced JRE 6u23 by JRE 6u24 in Sweet Home 3D installers bundled with Java.
· Other minor bugs fixes and enhancements.

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