Ultimate Boot CD 5.0.3

You need the Ultimate Boot CD if you want to Run floppy-based diagnostic utilities from CDROM drives, Free yourself from the slow loading speed of the floppy drive, or Consolidate as many diagnostic programs as possible into one bootable CD.
You need the Ultimate Boot CD if you want to:
· Run floppy-based diagnostic tools from CDROM drives. More and more PCs are shipped without floppy drives these days, and it is such a royal pain when you need to run diagnostic tools on them.
· Free yourself from the slow loading speed of the floppy drive. Even if you do have a floppy drive, it is still much much faster to run your diagnostic tools from the CDROM drive, rather than wait for the tool to load from the floppy drive.
· Consolidate as many diagnostic tools as possible into one bootable CD. Wouldn't you like to avoid digging into the dusty box to look for the right floppy disk, but simply run them all from a single CD? Then the Ultimate Boot CD is for you!
· Run Ultimate Boot CD from your USB memory stick. A script on the CD prepares your USB memory stick so that it can be used on newer machines that supports booting from USB devices. You can access the same tools as you would from the CD version.

What's New:
- Updated version label of EaseUs Disk Copy to V2.3.1 and removed extra ISO image.
- Updated HDT to V0.5.0. Fixed double APPEND and switch to using gzipped version of pci.ids. Also modified syslinux2grub4dos.sed to make special provision when translating HDT entry.
- Updated UBCD FreeDOS to V1.42. Optimized format of image. Shortened keybrd_ncfg and mouse_ncfg in config.sys to kb_ncfg and mse_ncfg respectively to fit everything into environment space. Updated bin\7za.exe in UBCD FreeDOS to 9.13beta (courtesy of IceCube). Updated level1\freedos.cab\more.com to V4.3 (courtesy of ady).
- Updated PLoP Boot Manager to V5.0.12. Thanks to IceCube for the update.
- Temporarily point cpustress kernel image to /pmagic/bzImage to alleviate lockup problems.
- Move startup.bat command to ubcd.ini for DIMM_ID, AleGr MEMTEST and WDIDLE3.
- Pipe Partinfo output to "more". Thanks to ady for the suggestion.
- Updated entry for Dsrfix in ubcd.ini to drop to command prompt after launch.
- Updated files from syslinux 4.0.4.
- Updated Parted Magic to V6.0. grub4dos booting support is dropped.
- Updated ubcd\tools\win32\unxutils\bin\7z.exe+dll to V9.22beta.

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