AOL Instant Messenger (AIM)

AOL Instant Messenger should be used because e-mail just isn't fast enough sometimes.This convenient, add-on to your system lets you communicate one-on-one or in a group with family, friends, and business associates who also use it.
Finding people online can be easy too. Use the Member Directory to locate friends by name or by e-mail address.

Broadcast your thoughts and feelings.
Feeling happy? Feeling mad? You no longer have to go away to broadcast what's on your mind to your buddies. Now you can create a "status message" to share with your buddies even when you are online. Just type a message at the top of the Buddy List window. With a quick glance, everyone on your Buddy List can find out your latest.

Tighter Cell Phone Integration:
Text your friends through IM.
Don't waste your text messages. Send IMs directly to your friends' cell phones using AIM! That way, you'll never miss an IM. Forward messages to your cell phone when you go offline. Staying in touch just got sweeter.

QQ Games:
Get your game on with QQ Games.
QQ Games are free multi-player games you can play with other AIM users. Your moves directly affect the competition, giving you a true multi-player gaming experience. Choose to add this plugin during installation or browse our plugin gallery for more cool add-ons.

Personalize Your AIM:
Show off your true self.
Create your own Buddy Icon, change your moods and choose a custom buddy sound to alert your friends that it's you IMing! We've got thousands to choose from, so go ahead and browse our Expressions library now. Plus, you can now customize your Buddy List with your favorite color.

Other Cool Features:
Picture Share, Video Chat and much more!
Sharing and keeping in touch have never been easier. With Voice and Video Chat, make your conversations come alive by going face-to-face with important contacts. Share your memories and important files with Picture Share. Save all of your online conversations with IM Logging. Keep in touch with your buddies when you or they are offline with Offline IM. Plus so much more!

Download: AOL Instant Messenger (AIM) (7.9 MB) | Screenshot | Homepage

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