BurnInTest Professional 6.0 Build 1030

PassMark BurnInTest™ is a software tool that allows all the major sub-systems of a computer to be simultaneously stress tested for endurance, reliability and stability.
· Online help & PDF manual
· A customer style results certificate
· Support for printing results
· Logging of results to disk in user selectable levels of detail (in ASCII format & HTML formats)
· Timed test runs that will stop automatically at the expiry of the selected time or after a number of test cycles.
· The ability to save your results to disk as log file.
· 'Notes' and 'Machine ID' fields for storing your own audit information along with the saved log file.
· Support for copying the results to other applications (eg. MS-Word) via a variety of image formats. (BMP, GIF, EMF)
· The ability to select the level of load placed on each component, via the setting of a duty cycle for each test.
· Counters that count the total number of operations performed.
· An easy to use point and click interface
· Can be run from a USB drive or CD (under Windows)
· Summary system information including CPU type, CPU speed & Serial number.
· Temperature monitoring interface (with additional 3rd party Intel Active Monitor, HMonitor, MotherBoardMonitor and SpeedFan software)
· Laptop battery & UPS monitoring interface (with additional BatteryMon software)
· Support for production line automation and detailed logging
· RAM testing beyond the 4GB barrier in Windows 2000, XP and Vista (up to 64GB of RAM)
· Printer testing using raw print files, or standard B&W or color testing
· MP3, Midi and Wave file playback for sound card testing
· Testing of up to 20 hard and floppy disks simultaneously
· Testing of up to 20 CD/DVD drives simultaneously
· CD / DVD testing using specialized test CD/DVDs (or use the complementary CD-Maker software). CD burner testing
· Windows shutdown and cyclic reboot testing (with complementary Rebooter software)
· Scrolling 'H's for Electromagnetic Compliance (EMC) testing to ANSI standard C63.4-1992
· Video RAM testing
· Testing the playback of Videos
· Support for SMART hard disk parameter checking

What's New:
· Change for a BSOD on starting BurnInTest on Core i5 and newer Core i7 CPUs with Windows 2008 (only for BurnInTest V6.0.1014 and later).
· Minor logging improvements

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