QIP 2010 3.1.5488.0

QIP is a freeware program for online communication. It`s one of the most popular instant messengers. It is used by many thousands of users.
QIP is for instant message delivery and feedback.

Features :
· Messages from different people in one window
· No advertisement during the communication
· New opportunities appear constantly
· Large set of skins
· Fast and light

What's New:
- Core: added new main menu item 'Check for updates';
- Core: command line parameter '/nosrv' to prevent loading and saving data to server;
- Core: command line parameter '/oldhints' to show wide hint over metacontact which subcontacts count more than two;
- Jabber: An empty vCard notification, for /vcard command;
- Jabber: "Commands" has back to the transports menu;
- Core: [upd] optimization and small bugs fixes;
- Icq: [upd] protocol update;
- Jabber: fixed incorrect case sensitivity for chatrooms names;
- Jabber: moderator's icon didn't shown;
- Phone: improved a stability of interaction with SIPNET.RU/QIP.RU;
- Phone: fixed an error on QIP exit for Windows Vista;
- Phone: Enter didn't work as "Dial" hotkey in dialpad;
- Phone: "Hangup" button didn't work on some USB-phones;

Download: QIP Infium 3.0.9044.0
(8.2 MB) | QIP 2010 3.1.5488.0 (8.7 MB) | Screenshot | Homepage

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