Coollector 2.99.21

Coollector is a movie Database has some unique features.
Even if you don't have a large collection of videos there are still many useful things that you can do.
- As a movie lover:
· Explore our great movie database.
· Track all the movies you've seen, and if you liked them or not.
· Discover movies you'd like to see, and add them to your wishlist.
· Decide what to watch on TV or in theaters.
- As a video collector:
· Manage what you own and what you loaned out.
· Grow your collection at the best price.
· Associate video files with a movie.
· Launch a video file by clicking the "play" icon.
· Scan a folder to automatically associate all the video files in it.
It's completely fun because you don't start with some dull empty database.On the contrary, the program includes a huge encyclopedia of movies & series,

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