EXIF Date Changer

EXIF Date Changer modifies the date and time attributes of the EXIF data stored within your digital photos.  This allows you to compensate for incorrect camera settings, or different time zones within seconds across an entire folder of images.
As an added bonus you are also able to rename all photos to include the time taken in the filename, add caption etc, making it even easier to sort and view your photos.


· Correct date / time properties (time taken) of all images within a folder or folders
· Set fixed date / time properties of all images within a folder or folders
· Rename all the images to include the Date/Time taken
· Time difference calculator to determine correct date / time corrections
· Ability to customize the output file name format. Eg. ‘TRAVEL_20061029_Australia.jpg’ instead of ‘2006-10-29 13-35-47 – Australia.jpg’
· Include captions (used by many programs such as Picasa, Adobe Lightroom)
· Ability to only process images from a certain camera.
What's New:
· Ability to select multiple images instead of just a single image
· Now also sets the file date modified as well as date created

Download: EXIF Date Changer (3.7 MB) | Screenshots | Homepage

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