FastPictureViewer helps you work faster by taking advantage, when available, of the power of multicore processors and the speed of DirectX (Direct3D) graphic accelerators, all working in concert to speed up viewing experience to unprecedented levels.
FastPictureViewer also features first class support for the upcoming HD Photo / JPEG XR image format with rating metadata reading and writing.

- Color management support with unique, one step direct conversion from image color space to custom monitor profile.
- Fully compatible with Windows Vista, with Microsoft Image Rating support.
- Unicode support, handles image and folder names in any written language.
- High precision realtime RGB histogram with optional compression and per-channel normalization.
- EXIF shooting data display with shutter speed, f-stop, ISO speed, exposure compensation and more.
- Instant flip to the next image using either the keyboard, a mouse click or a scroll of the mouse wheel.
- Optional hardware accelerated high quality downscaling in DirectX/Direct3D mode, for best display quality.
- Automatic tracking mode, displays the last image added to the picture folder automatically.
- Configurable automatic advance mode, display pictures automatically at user-settable interval.
- Quick navigation slider, to move around huge image lists. e.g. jump to image 3000 of 10,000 in an instant.
- Easy browsing of tens of thousands (yes!) of images at a time, even in deeply nested multiple sub-folder hierarchies.
- Instant switch between fit-to-window and 100% views from a single key press or mouse click.
- Adobe XMP sidecar files creation and update (stores rating, labels, urgency settings in Adobe XMP-compliant metadata format).
- Embedded metadata writer for JPEG/TIFF/HD Photo/JPEG-XR files (Adobe XMP rating/labeling and Windows Vista rating).
- Mouse 'click-and-hold' instantaneous 100% zoom and configurable instantaneous 50%-6400% right-click magnifier.
- Seamless multiple-subfolders browsing, in one single continuous sequence (easily browse an entire drive or CD/DVD at once).
- Drag & drop support, drop a folder or a set of files on FastPictureViewer to quickly view them.
- Single-click or single keystroke background copy of the "keepers" to a preset folder, without disruption of the viewing flow.
- Plug'n'play integration with optional automatic browsing of inserted media or digital camera: view images straight off the camera.
- Shell integration with "Open with FastPictureViewer..." context-menu options for local folders and drives.
- Supports file associations from Windows Explorer ("Open With...") to e.g. associate JPEGs with FastPictureViewer.exe
- Instant automatic detection of new images added anywhere to the folder tree, while you browse (real-time "hot folder" concept).
- Multi-monitor awareness and huge monitor support, with full-screen borderless kiosk mode available at the press of the F11 key.
- True 100% full-screen mode - use every pixels of your monitor display - with optional auto-hiding, mouse-activated menu bar.

What's New:
· Bug fix release, corrects some edge-case issues e.g. with CMYK JPEGs and B&W DNGs.

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