IP Tools (formerly IP Sniffer)

IP Sniffer is a suite of IP Tools built around a packet sniffer.
The IP tools are :
- Bandwidth monitor. view
- Adapter statistics (IP & NDIS). view
- Wireless Stumbler.
- List and manage ARP entries, resolve IP from/to MAC, ARP scan, Create ARP proxy, send a WAKEUP call, RARP client / server, ARP Watch. view
- List and manage routes, enable & disable host as a router. view
- List and manage open ports and attached processes. view view
- View network config (interfaces, adapters, parameters).
- Hook winsock calls.
- Spoof ARP (and do ARP cache poisoning), TCP, UDP, ICMP, DHCP.
- Change MAC address. view
- SNMP Get & Set, List interfaces, Switch port mapper, Media Attachment Unit table, Net to media table, network stats, connection table.
- WINS Query.
- DNS (advanced) Query, DNS Server, Local resolver.
- DHCP Server (with PXE support), DHCP Discover.
- Whois Query, IP Geo Location.
- Mail client (SMTP & MAPI).
- TCP tools :
TCP ping, TCP half scan, Time-Daytime client/server.
HTTP Server, FTP Server.
HTTP Proxy, Telnet Bouncer, FTP Bouncer.
LPR Client,
- UDP tools (MSSQL Ping, SNMP ping, SSDP ping, Syslog client/server, Time-Daytime client/server, TFTP server).
- ICMP tools (Ping, GetBestRoute, GetRTTAndHopCount).
- TCP/UDP bounce port.
- MS Networks :
Spoof net send, Shutdown remote windows, Display remote windows properties, Netapi services, Terminal Services processes and sessions, Winspool services, remote drivers, remote AT jobs, remote scheduled tasks, Logged on users, Dump remote users, manage DHCP services, MS SQL processes, MS Perf counters, remote processes, remote event logs.
- Password tools :
Protected storage (IE, Outlook Express, …) , LSA secrets, Dialup Passwords , XP Credentials ( MSN, network shares, …) , IE history, Reveal asterisks / hidden passwords, RDP passwords, MSAccess passwords, enum WEP keys, MS SQL enterprise manager passwords, Known default passwords.
- Other / System tools :
Manage processes, Opened files, Windows Handles, Events for processes/events/files changes, bandwidth tester (based on iperf), manage windows devices, VBS script editor, WMI browser, Create maps with Graphviz, manage ACL's.
What's New:
· added : snmphelper class
· modified : snmp scan / ping subnet / arp scan -> thread uses postmessage (more thread safe)
· added : xpath functions in bookmark window / load-save from-to xml http
· added : can choose returned properties of ldap search query / dump query to xml / dump children to xml
· modified : md5 hash used to cipher. 3des encryption added. hexa/text switch. vnc encrypt/decrypt (need 3des.dll)
· modified : uses clause cleanup with icarus

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